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Everyone talks about how you can change your life by owning a business and working out of your home. But they overlook that, whether or not you have two beautiful Samoyeds, your carpets will get dirty, faster. Oh, no. Don’t call the IRS in for a write-off (unless you have clients who come see you for real meetings). Look around to find Absolute Best Cleaning Services for the cleanest job in the shortest time you’ll ever imagine without rake marks wall-to-wall. And the cleanest your doggie’s favorite sofa (and yours) has been in years.

They’ll be on time. They’ll make sure your little doggie doesn’t sneak out the front door while they’re working. They’ll do such a splendid job that you’ll have them back sooner if you have the need, because they won’t require you to empty your wallet either time. They’ll even call you when they’re finished if you’ve left the house for the duration. You don’t believe me? Try ’em. You’ll see. You’ll be back to work in no time.

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(Columbia Central Middle School District 194)

“I am very satisfied with the work of Absolute Best Cleaning.  They have been cleaning Columbia Central School for years now and they do a good job preparing the school for opening each fall, and do a complete make-over during each of the extended breaks.  They are quick to respond to special cleaning requests and are adaptable when we have evening activities that interfere with their regular cleaning schedule.  Their price is reasonable and the owner, John Finnin, personally handles our special requests or any issues that arise.  It is reassuring to not have to worry about building cleanliness at Columbia.”


Peter Castellarin (M&O Insulation)


“M & O Insulation has been using Absolute Cleaning to maintain our facility for more than twenty years. The consistent quality of their work means that we never have to worry about the appearance of our office!”


Tim Kosiek (Prarie State College)


“Absolute Best Custodial Service has been responsible for the facility’s cleaning and over the past fourteen years our college has been immaculate, a person could eat off of our corridor the day to day cleaning has been of the highest quality. However, Prairie State College has received this same level of service when the unusual cleaning request have arisen, There have been occasion when a fitting or a pipe that was part of our Fire Sprinkler System had broken once on the second floor above our library and once in our Health Tech Building. When these emergency arise so has your staff without any complaints or concerns to their selves, with little more then one hour your staff was on the job collecting water, removing damage materials, drying out the space and cleaning up the mess and when our students arrived the following day at their class room the rooms were ready This type of response is over and above what anyone could call normal, this is truly service over and above what we pay for or expected. you staff is always neat, friendly and professional at all time! It is a true pleasure knowing that Absolute Best Cleaning Services is on the job at Prairie State College as I have never been concerned or worried when we receives visitors as our facility’s appearance is always at the heighest standard, any company that has the opportunity to employ your Absolute Best Custodial Service and does not is foolish and are willing to settle for less then the best! I look forward to many more years of enjoying the custodial services provided by Absolute Best Custodial Services.”


Marlene Fagerburg

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a great job you did with my carpets. With two dogs and a cat there were plenty of stains , and you made my carpet look new…Again Thank You so very much.”

Full Success Story

I have been in the carpet & janitorial service for over 26 years. In that time I’ve had the opportunity to face many different challenges in all areas of my business. The best success stories are seeing my customers faces when the job is finished, especially when the customers compliment my employees on their work ethic, attitude, neat appearance and proffessionalism.

You can count on Absolute Best Cleaning Services, Inc. (ABC) to get the job done. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

John Finnin